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Work Update - February - Some Songs

It's been a busy month (again!) in a bunch of almost-entirely-unrelated-to-work ways. I've been mostly keeping up on the weekly song goal, and it's been rewarding as ever. I think an album is brewing. I'm sure that most of these songs will see some reworking and iteration as it gets closer to that point.

I've spent a lot of time this month getting re-interested in fixing all of my old portable electronics back up. It's been a lot of fun. Over time I've gotten very sick of how constantly "smart" tech demands attention and time and degrades user agency and-(trails off into the distance--i seem to say this often). There's something gratifying about the specificity of use for something like an old point and shoot digital camera, or an old laptop, et cetera et cetera--I'll probably make a whole page about it when a few more things click into place.

One foot in front of the other.


Week 4 - Losing Something

Something watery and uncertain.

Week 5 - Recovery Proceduere

I started this one with a desire to retool some of the last week's work. I wound up really satisfied with what came out of it.

Hitting a stride with not being afraid of resampling and recontextualizing.

I initially added that "gust of wind" sound because I thought it would be really funny. And, it is, but it also really works. I think i forget these things aren't mutually exclusive. I tend towards being a HUMORLESS BEAST.

Week 7 - Self-Soothe Mechanism

Straightforwardly a modular synth jam, aside from some overlaid keyboard playing and editing down.. It's been a while since I've let one of those stand solely as a song.

This one came directly after a really difficult week (week 6 didn't see a song). Doing something entirely different from everything that's been going on contributed to a much-needed brain reset.

Week 8 - Trough

An attempt at flexing every part of the process I could think to. Letting a progression be long, winding, exhausting. Playing the sequence of samples taken from a modular session, one by one.

Covering emotional territory I don't usually seem to.

Week 9 - ???

A small piece from whatever comes next. Focusing texture especially.

That's mostly it! Be well, take care, see you around, goodbye!!