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on intricacy

10/17/2022 - 12/29/23

i want intricacy on my own terms.

intricacy is a device of power. capture your eye, shimmering on the periphery--VFX-glitter for retaining a general audience. worship of visual fidelity and a desire only to be dazzled.

intricacy is the gatekeeper, the biggest alienator, pushing aside quiet things. budget. mental acuity. time.

lens equipment, gallery framing, polygon count, utter stillness. hands afraid of being idle.

(somehow, these definitions only exist in the visual space, because i adore intricacy in music and narrative. intricacy iterates inwards endlessly. intricacy is the thoroughly needless, a reminder of home.)

intricacy is warm affect. intricacy is reassurance, and clinging on to something sweet to you. hand warmers on a late autumn walk and snow accumulating on the branches.

intricacy is intimacy, a soothing voice, intuitively, effortlessly calculated. intricacy is falling asleep observing the cracks forming on the painting above your bed that's been there for as long as you can remember. attachment, nostalgia.

intricacy is incidental. sunbeams effortlessly streaming through and the fluttering light reflected from a river. intricacy is diffuse, all around you and existing irreverently. un-burnishing, scraped knee upon the gravel (asphalt, concrete, bricks or the wilderness riverbed).

a shape imprints, or, more of them imprint than you could ever count.

and then, you try to capture it. it all repeats.