hi! i'm jade. i make a whole bunch of things that you can look at on the computer, and you can find them all here. check out my about page for more about myself / my work, or have a look around and explore!! have fun okay goodbye

Output / "Work"

Visual Art

intutive expression, abstraction, animal 2023 gallery / archive2022 gallery / archive2021 gallery / archive2020 gallery / archive2019 gallery / archive2016-2018 gallery / archiveceramics archivetextures harvester (resources)

Music / Audio

narrative-associative, space-evocative, "experimental" Bandcamp - Free-to-download albums. The main home of my music projects. Soundcloud - Miscellaneous sketchbook. (over time I'd like to have most of this moved here) Youtube - If you prefer. The only other place my albums are available.

Work Updates

summary of time interval, multimedia, the more-focused blog 2024-02-28 february - some songs2024-01-21 january - weeklybeats, ceramics, etc2023-07-07 workup test


Blog Posts

anything goes, curiosities, reflections 2023-12-29 on intricacy2023-11-22 finding the desire2023-07-07 American Truck Simulator and Depictions of Home2023-06-28 Illustration School, Art Perceptions, and Extended Burnout2023-04-11 coffee shop2023-03-23 The Sorrows of Young Werther, Perspectives in Fiction, Reading Habits2023-03-21 recluse, sentiment, dust, embrace - small thoughts

Photo Journals

mostly-visual depictions
send tweet button, silly goose behavior, miscellaneous

Elsewhere on the web

The Socials....

Cohost - blogs for gamers Letterboxd - wow Backloggd - year-long effort to recall every single video game i've ever played. people like my stardew valley review on there Twitter - sparse work updates. i don't check this account.